S&B Foods works hard to earn the trust of local and global communities by acting in a socially responsible manner. We want to create a more sustainable world, and take steps to ensure safety and reliability of our products while carefully considering the impact of our business activities on the environment. In addition, we follow strict compliance and corporate government policies. Together, these efforts serve to enhance the overall value of our company.

Socially responsible efforts

Corporate governance and compliance

Corporate governance and compliance

Corporate governance

Strengthening corporate governance is a continual pursuit at S&B Foods. Our Internal Audit Section plays a central role in this, enhancing and reinforcing internal control systems in collaboration with the Board of Corporate Auditors.


Our Employee Code of Conduct spells out sound ethical behavior expected of employees. In keeping with the Code, each employee endeavors to comply with laws, regulations and social norms while the company itself assumes a self-policing role to ensure that S&B Foods remains a trusted name.

Food safety and security

Food safety and security

We have developed and upgraded quality- and sanitation-control systems based on ISO 9001 (International Standard for Quality Management), and employ HACCP control methods. To ensure product safety, we enforce strict quality and safety controls at every stage of the supply chain, from raw materials procurement and product development to production and distribution. In addition, our cross-organizational Quality Assurance Committee maintains comprehensive oversight of safety assurance.

Environmental protection and social contribution

Environmental protection and social contribution

Protecting the global environment

We regard our principal products — spices and herbs — as precious gifts from nature. Hence, S&B Foods always seeks to lessen the impact of our business activities on the environment. Five production plants are ISO 14001-certified (International Standard for Environment Management Systems) and are developing environment-friendly production systems; furthermore, we have made environment-friendly packaging a key priority.

Contributing to local and global communities

Local communities

Local communities

S&B Foods established the Yamazaki Spice Promotion Foundation in 1983 in honor of its founder, Minejiro Yamazaki, who dedicated his life to developing the spice industry. The Foundation aims to contribute to advancements in spice and condiment research by supporting studies of spices and related areas, and has assisted more than 150 research projects to date.

It also offers spice and herb certification as well as promotional seminars as a means to popularize spices and condiments. The certification is offered to the general public, and was held for the third time in 2011 to test herb and spice knowledge. During exams, people throughout Japan gather to earn certification at one of three levels.

Organic spice product line: Contributing to local and global communities

Organic spice product line:
Contributing to local and global communities

S&B Foods earned Organic JAS Certification in 2005, after which we began selling organically grown spices in Japan. Furthermore, in 2009, twenty items in the product line were certified as Fair Trade products. By observing fair trade practices, we make clear our commitment to the environment and producers and to producing spices that can be enjoyed with confidence.

Contributing to the global community

S&B Foods began growing wasabi in Vietnam, creating steady employment for local residents and helping improve their living circumstances.

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We also participate in World Food Programme activities to help distribute food aid worldwide.

A portion of earnings from our organic spices goes to the WWF Japan to build a future in which people live in harmony with nature.

Local and national activities: Providing reliable information that communicates the joy and
importance of food

Through a variety of activities, which offer reliable information as well as helpful tips about herbs and spices, S&B Foods communicates the joy and importance of food to customers.

  • Schools
  • Local communities
  • Cooking and culture classes
  • The annual S&B Cup Children’s Health Marathon

Our special classes at elementary schools let children experience food through herbs and spices. These entertaining classes teach the history of spices as well as imbue students with basic spice knowledge, using fragrances and quizzes and featuring a cooking class where students learn to make curry with curry powder. We also hold herb-planting classes where children learn to grow plants then make herb tea from them, introducing a new generation to the joy of herbs and spices.

Local communities

S&B Foods is committed to fully engaging local communities. Every year, we have open house at our offices to hold herb and spice events for local elementary school students and their families. The events include cooking and spice-blending classes, spice and herb games, and a variety of other experiences that let participants have fun with herbs and spices.

Cooking and culture classes

During summer holidays we join with wholesalers and others throughout Japan to offer family cooking classes as well as classes devoted to cooking with fresh herbs. We also collaborate with cultural schools and other institutions to conduct spice and herb courses for customers. Participants can enjoy themselves while learning about spices and herbs through tastings and hands-on activities, earning these courses favorable reviews.

We also hold nutrition classes featuring healthy foods prepared with spices and herbs, enlightening participants on new ways of thinking about food. These courses also give people an opportunity to enjoy the world of herbs and spices.

Promoting sports and health

S&B Foods helps promote healthy living through sports and positive food choices. We sponsor children’s sporting events and offer training opportunities for aspiring athletes. Both efforts go a long way in assuring the wellness of future generations.

In 1984 we started the annual S&B Cup Children’s Health Marathon at more than 40 locations around Japan to promote healthy bodies and minds through sports. More than 40,000 kids participate each year in this exciting marathon.

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